Akri uses a single project board to track issues. The board illustrates what features are requested by community members, currently being investigated, and under development. We review the project board each community meeting to make sure all issues are addressed and categorized.
The following detail a couple of the larger goals of Akri: to discover more devices and provide more deployment strategies.

Implement additional Discovery Handlers

There are endless sensors, controllers, and MCU class devices on the edge and each type of device has a different discovery protocol. Akri is an interface for helping expose those devices as resources to your Kubernetes cluster on the edge. Before it can add a device as a cluster resource, Akri must first discover the device using the appropriate Discovery Handler. Akri currently supports several Discovery Handlers and was built in a modular way so as to continually support more. The question is, which protocols should Akri prioritize? We are looking for community feedback to make this decision. If there is a protocol that you would like implemented, check our Issues to see if that protocol has been requested, and thumbs up it so we know you, too, would like it implemented. If there is no existing request for your protocol, create a new feature request. Rather than waiting for it to be prioritized, you could implement a Discovery Handler for that protocol. See the Discovery Handler development document for more details.

Currently supported Discovery Handlers

  1. 1.
    ONVIF (to discover IP cameras)
  2. 2.
    udev (to discover anything in the Linux device file system)
  3. 3.
    OPC UA (to discover OPC UA Servers)

Protocols we are thinking about adding support for

  • Bluetooth
  • Simple scan for IP/MAC addresses
  • LoRaWAN
  • Zeroconf
  • Looking for community feedback for more!

New broker deployment strategies

Currently, for every leaf device that is discovered by a node's Akri Agent, a single broker is deployed to that node -- how many nodes get the broker is limited by capacity. This is a fairly specific implementation that does not support all users' scenarios. The New Broker Deployment Strategies proposal discusses some ways the Akri Controller and Agent could be extended to allow for other broker deployment strategies.
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